Mission, Vision & Values


The primary objective of One Community is to mitigate the impact of HIV and prevent new infections among priority populations to enable them to achieve their maximum potential as individuals and citizens of Malawi.


One Community envisions a Malawi filled with thriving communities where vulnerable children, adolescents and their families, people living with HIV and other priority populations are linked to high quality social and medical services and have the resiliency, social support, and ability to practice health-seeking behaviors.

In our vision, health services are not something separated from communities. Instead, they are key community assets, part of the network of relationships that individuals, families and communities can rely on.  Strengthening this network will result in improved clinical outcomes, reduction in HIV incidence, and improved quality of life among those most affected.


Our values guide what we do and how we work. It is within these values that One Community strives to build observably competent teams and constructive organisational cultures that allow us to deliver anticipated results.

Integrity and Accountability

 We recognize that we have been entrusted by our donors to deliver results and help in creating better futures for our priority populations; as such we operate honestly, transparently and ethically always striving to remain beyond reproach.

Collaboration and Community

We are aware that we do not operate in a vacuum and we are always looking for opportunities to collaborate with government departments, development partners and communities so as to complement existing structures and resources in the areas we work in.


 We work to make the lives of the people we work with better. We value and protect our beneficiaries, employees and partners by treating them with respect and dignity whilst continuously cultivating trust.


We strive to fill existing gaps in the community health sector by developing creative solutions and adding value to existing viable approaches. We innovate with sustainability in mind so as to create lasting change backed by community ownership.