Capacity Strengthening

One Community supports district government and local community structures to build their technical and organizational capacity for them to better coordinate and sustain HIV impact mitigation and prevention activities. Through this approach, One Community actively involves district and sub-district partners in strategy development and planning process, implementation, monitoring, and data analysis.

One Community achieves this through ensuring:

  • Capacity of districts government and CSO structures is strengthened through:
    • Collaborative planning, implementation and monitoring
    • Sharing of project monitoring data
    • Collaborative working relationships at treatment sites
    • Commemoration and participation in national HIV-related health days and events
    • Support for coordination and networking
  • Capacity of community structures to implement activities improved through:
    • Knowledge and skills transfer
    • Provision of job aids and tools
    • Mentorship and Supportive Supervision
    • Quality Assurance and Quality Improvement