Community Health and Social Services

At One Community, we offer comprehensive community health and social services to vulnerable populations such as; People living with HIV including young people living with HIV, Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVCs) and their care givers, adolescent girls and young women and their typical sexual partners as well as fishermen, vendors, teachers, truck drivers, clients of sex workers and estate workers.

One Community services are all aligned to contribute towards achieving the Malawi’s 90 – 90- 90 targets by 2020. It simply means that 90% of all people who have HIV know their status, 90% of all those who know they have HIV receive sustained antiretroviral therapy and finally 90% of all people receiving antiretroviral therapy have viral suppression.

One Community Provides targeted community based HTS through mobile, index and homebased approaches. For those who test HIV positive, they are referred to start antiretroviral therapy and they are linked to support groups for adherence support. Through regular household visit, One Community also provides the following services to PLHIV: condom education and distribution; support for disclosure; screening and referral for TB, STI, major depression and malnutrition; education to reduce stigma and discrimination; assessment of adherence to treatment and clinic appointment; and adherence counselling. The most vulnerable households are engaged in economic strengthening activities such as Village Saving and Loan Groups.

For people with a negative HIV status and continued risky behaviour, One Community offers a package of preventive interventions and services aimed at reducing their risk to HIV , which includes referral for Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision (VMMC).

In order to deliver all of these services and implement all of these activities, One Community has recruited over 2000 community-level health workers. These are Community Engagement Facilitators (CEFs), Community Resource Persons (CRPs) and Recruitment and Linkage Facilitators (RLFs)

  • Community Engagement Facilitators (CEFs) - One Community staff members who oversee the implementation One Community interventions at grass root level and offer community based HIV Testing Services.

  • Community Resource Persons (CRPs) - These are volunteers who conduct regular household visits and provide services through individualized case management plans. The CRPs conduct assessment at household level to see if the household qualifies to be amongst One Community beneficiary. Once the household qualifies, it is recruited into the program and individual assessments are done for all the household members to identify their specific individual needs. Depending on the identified needs, a service is provided directly or through referral.

  • Recruitment and Linkage Facilitators (RLFs) – These are volunteers who are based in the health facilities in order to facilitate recruitment of clients from health facility into One C program as well as help referred clients to access the services that they need.

One Community’s approaches and processes, coupled with the passion of trained community health workers and the resilience of community members, ensures that households in focal communities receive the highest quality of HIV and AIDS prevention and impact mitigation services. Individuals receive differentiated care with a strong emphasis placed on building up their resilience and resources so that they live in an environment in which they can thrive and function independently after the program in the future.